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Secondary Glazing - Insulation

Thermal Insulation
If keeping your home or work place warm and cosy is a problem, then our secondary windows are here to help. Our system acts as a barrier which retains the heat within the room, while our high performance silicone seal minimizes draughts.

Acoustic Insulation
Noise in our cities and towns can have a big impact on our lives, both at home and in work. Whether it’s the constant drone of traffic, road, rail or air, or loud inconsiderate passers-by, our systems can greatly help you. By fitting our secondary windows at the optimum distance 150mm form the existing window we can block the maximum amount of sound possible. Try our Pilkington Optiphon acoustic laminated glass for even extra sound exclusion.

Increased Security.
Our secondary windows feature laminated or toughened glass as standard. Often acting as an additional barrier, secondary glazing creates both a physical and visual deterrent.

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